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Not Much New Here

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Tuesday 12 February 2019
Rating:   6

Part of the 2 Short Stories series, we get Doctor 6 and Flip retreading much ground already covered in Doctor Who. "Vortex Ice" is a time paradox story involving a cyborg killer (ala Alien) and a scientific investigation into strange energies emerging from an abandoned salt mine in Mexico. The story is mostly another exercise in the "you can't change what you know will happen" lesson, this time for Flip. "Cortex Fire" is wholly unrelated. In this one, The Doctor and Flip visit a planet that is itself the central cortex for the society. The cortex has developed a kind of brain disease called The Urge, and starts turning citizens into electro-fire generating killers. The story is an exercise in the "psychopathy is caused by evil forces from the dark dimensions that invade people's minds" line.

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