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A great concept

By:Neil Collins, Burnley, UK
Date:Wednesday 22 May 2002
Rating:   9

For those who love both Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes, this is a great novel. Although it is admittedly true that Andy Lane doesn't quite succeed in capturing the Watsonion style, he does just as well as most apocryphal Holmes authors. What really makes this novel stand out is his highly perceptive ideas on the likely reactions of Watson and Hlomes to finding themselves in an alien environment. It is a shame that we cannot see more crossover novels - it would be interesting to see how Lane and others would write a Bond or Red Dwarf crossover, for example. 'All Consuming Fire' is an excellent example of the way in which crossover novels allow the characters from either series to explored in a way that would not otherwise be possible.

Greatest men of their time

By:Elle, Liverpool, England
Date:Wednesday 18 June 2003
Rating:   10

Of all the Doctor Who stories I have read this is my favourite. It has taken two of my favourite ficticious characters and put them into one boo

A ripping good yarn

By:Nick Forbes, Australia
Date:Wednesday 31 May 2006
Rating:   8

This was my first Virgin novel, and my first Doctor Who novel to date actually, and I wasn't dissapointed.

I've always HATED cross-overs, but this one, believe it or not, really works well. Its well written, the characters sound exactly as they should, and the plot is very interesting.

A ripping good yarn!

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