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A dream come true

By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 21 December 2016
Rating:   10

So it seems. To be able to watch, not just listen to, my favourite Dalek story, is something I never thought i would be able to do. Ok its not the original filmed story, but it is the next best thing. Hats off to the boys and girls who worked so hard to bring this dream to fruition. and if thats not enough theres a ton of wonderful extras on this DVD. Fantastic story and lets hope its the first of many.

Very Very enjoyable

By:justin barnes, st.louis/mo, United States
Date:Saturday 11 February 2017
Rating:   10

This has always been a BBC favorite, so for them to totally do this was not a
surprise for me.It's looks Fantastic, Mark Ayres has done a wonderful job with the
audio, plenty of extras, and the plus is the original BBC Website Recon of the story with audio and telesnaps.
DVD's were done write.

There a humors animated error in episode 1 if anyone can spot it and the scene
actually adds to it.

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