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with a exception a great introduction

By:John Reid, Upminster Essex
Date:Sunday 22 April 2007
Rating:   9

Finishing The third arc of New adventures and the first that coulnd't have been used if the t.v show had continued, Cornells quest at that time for a Epic ultimate story is written from the point of view of The two assistants on one Hand Ace as Maniplative and prepared to be seen as devious as her mentor and on Benny's side camp ad Portentous, This was the first New Adventure I had read I knew there was a new companion I didnt know Ace had seen her partner die in Cornells previous Love and War(making this hard to follow), I didnt know There were Gallifrey invadors called Vardons. Celeverly acting on cold war paranoia put about by the Press in the 70's the idea of even the most serious yet anti establisment Doctor not getting the help of his old chums U.N.I.T and featuring his oldest Arch enemy The Monk plus an interesting setting of The Punk scene with references this is a neglected classic as new to Who in 1994 the fanzinie dated cyberpunk scene with tardis reality game and cybermen plus the rowing on the tardis were a great intro to me, Cornell admits the ending was rushed Hes Just rewrote Human nature for T.V perhaps this could make a great radio play

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