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continuity drenched gory and well writen

By:justin w richards, swansea wales
Date:Tuesday 5 September 2006
Rating:   9

It should not be much of a shock that the cyber leader should write a book. Its a good one as far as im concerned its suspenceful, well thought out, as its woven into the history of the cybermen (and much better than the dire attack of the cybermen)so continuity junkies will be pleased,characters are interesting and well developed the doctor a little bland as if theres no feel to him. The cybermen are first rate there menaceing appperences are a real treat although gory in places its not gratuitous and has a point to it a sprincle of new ideas here,a dash of the old there and you get a damn good story highly recomended get out an buy it

Boring, overlong and course

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 16 June 2011
Rating:   1

I was really looking forward to reading this book. I had been searching for it to buy in a multitude of places and finaally resorted to buying it online when I found it on Amazon. Here was me thinking that a Cyberman story by that best ever Cyberleader David Banks would be engaging and brilliant with the Cybermen in from the word go.

Boy, just how wrong can a man be?

I was truly shocked to find that this story is basically a total mess, peppered with nothing but rubbish and idiocy and just plain over the top violence. Its the curse of too many of these virgin new adventures. Theyve turned the Doctor is a psycho, Ace into a pleb, and Benny Summerfield as just a spare part who doesnt really fit in. In this story we get two of the three left out, but this still doesnt save this story.

I was also surprised by the lack of any serious cyber action and the lack of the Seventh Doctor until about more than half way through this dull and tedious and foul mouthed novel. I thought David would have done far better than this, what with being such a brilliant Cyberman in the classic Who series run.

It was a true letdown of the highest order. The cybermen hardly appear, and all the characters are rather bland and soulless. The thing is just so limp and bland its unbelievable. Very very sad shock indeed for me. Doesnt come recommended at all. The plots rediculous, trying to follow on the heels of the Invasion but failing dismally.


Original No, Good Yes

By:Clive T Wright, St Lawrence, United Kingdom
Date:Sunday 7 August 2011
Rating:   6

David Banks has carefully studied all the 1st & 2nd Doctor's Cyberman stories and then cleverly weaved another between them.

The first half of Iceberg unfolds pulling together in an interesting story around the life of our main characters and a sense of mystry.

But as the boat sets sale this original and clever idea, starts to fall flat becoming just a basic copy of every classic plot device you expect with the cybermen, loosing much of it's strength as the book continues.

In the end Iceberg is simply an easy going story, our heroine however is strong and would have made a good companion for the 7th Doctor shame she missed the boat!

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