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The Base Is Under Siege Again

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Monday 14 November 2022
Rating:   7

The Star Men presents the TARDIS crew with a formidable opponent. Because The Star Men are new, so to speak, it takes them a while to figure out how they work. That is the best part of this story. In many respects, the story is fairly standard Doctor Who. It strongly resembles The Wheel in Space, with a scientific establishment being attacked by a military force. There are a few things that perplex me about the story. The Star Men come from another universe, so why do they take the form of "men"? For that matter, why is the lone alien from another galaxy basically human, down to being able to eat human food? Also, why is it that every time someone from another universe shows up in ours, they get to carry their rules of physics into our universe, while those from our universe cannot use the rules of our physics in theirs? I would assume that once someone crosses into our universe, the rules of our universe would apply, full stop. Finally, I think that the rationale for taking over the universe should be a bit more complicated than wanting to "feed." There is, if one rules out other factors, the matter of scale to consider. The sheer size of the universe makes the threat of gobbling up the universe rather silly. So, throughout this story, I keep having these little worries. In general, though, this one is nicely paced, with an intensifying sense of doom running through to the end.

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