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Is It The Doctor's Fault Again?

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Monday 20 February 2017
Rating:   7

Maker of Demons follows the pattern of the last few years that involves taking every species of animal on the planet and one by one turning them into monsters. This time, it's the moles' turn. This of course leads to much funny-voice acting. The story itself is interesting enough, a variation on Shakespeare's Tempest, though the BBV Time Travellers drama Prosperity Island was a much better variation on the same thing. In this case, Doctor 7 and Mel managed to save some future throwbacks to Renaissance Milan from an unidentified disaster without losing a single life. Now, Doctor 7, Ace, and returned Mel go back 100 years later expecting peace and prosperity, but finding war and deprivation. Everyone but everyone is blaming The Doctor for this situation, and The Doctor takes it all to heart, blaming himself the most. That's fine as it goes. On the negative side, non-TARDIS characters are rather one-dimensional. We get some cartoon bad-guy acting. Several deaths and surprises are clumsily telegraphed. On the positive side, the chemistry between Doctor, Ace, and Mel is surprisingly good. The companions act as two sides of The Doctor's conscience, Ace the "do something" side, and Mel the "let's think about this" side. Though they have few scenes together, Ace and Mel manage a real connection, a mutual understanding and respect for each other that makes them a refreshing combination for traveling companions. Ace gets some excellent lines. So, though a little predictable at times, Maker of Demons is still entertaining.

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