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Very 1987

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Saturday 24 February 2018
Rating:   7

This story is the first to reunite Mel and Ace, and is designed mostly to get Mel back into the TARDIS crew. With Tony Selby not available, apparently, there is no Sabalom Glitz in person, but his presence is everywhere in the story. This story itself takes place on a "Costa del Crime" type planet with corrupt officials looking the other way while wealthy criminals live high off their ill-gotten gains. There is some kind of scheme going on with an old buddy of Glitz's, one Lefty Lonergan. Glitz has sent Mel in his stead. Meanwhile, the TARDIS takes The Doctor and Ace to the same planet, where they get caught up in the scam. The story has the cheeky exuberance of the 1987 series, which may leave some listeners unhappy. For those who liked that series, this will feel like home.

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