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A great return for an underrated Villain

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 13 February 2019
Rating:   10

I really love Andrew Smith's stories for Big Finish. He knows how to entertain me every single time. And his return for the Movellans is extremely strong. I really like the fact that he explains away the rather convenient defect of the first Movellans within the story! And what I also like is he greatly expands on Destiny of the Daleks and here the Movellans at last are more of a force to reckoned with than in their previous outing! I love the fact that Tom and Lalla both work so well together as the Doc and Romana. They have a great chemistry and are a hugely enjoyable doubtle act as they always were on screen. And the support guest artists are all brilliant in this story too. This story is everything good decent Doctor Who needs to be. I just love Big Finish. Everytime they bring back old villains, they always find something new and interesting for them to be or do within the story, and every sequel is justifiably cool and brilliant. This great two parter is no exception at all. First class!

Growly Big Guy

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Friday 15 November 2019
Rating:   7

The Movellans return, even if it is only two of them and they are stranded in time on Earth. It's London, 1980, and The Doctor and Romana II are hanging out in The Doctor's Baker St. flat when they learn that an archaeologist has unknowingly dug up a Movellan power pack in an iron age battle site. A Movellan spaceship had dug its way into the ground 2000 years ago. It's task was to test the new Movellan super weapon. I'll avoid spoilers, but I will just say it involves much deep voiced growling. It is all played with panache, but the premise is lacking a little.

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