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Into the bowels of the Alien Planet

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 2 March 2019
Rating:   10

I love the sound scenes that Big Finish always do so beautifully well. They don't half bring the stories to amazingly realistic sounding life. And where the script calls for the Doctor and Romana going underground in a huge drill machine, then you have to come to expect big industrial sounding effects. And yes, again you get it with this story from the ever reliable Johnny Morris.

Tom and Lalla are of course as amazing as ever. And the Silex are a very interesting and mean looking and sounding villain. The other characters here are all as usual superbly well rounded and acted and characterised. Johnny has a way of writing the Fourth Doctor that makes you feel he knows this incarnation of the Doctor inside out. And the banter between Romana and he are as usual one of the most winning elements of this story, as always used to be the case in the classic era period.

I really enjoyed the epic quality to this short little marvel of a story. Its all a bit industrial steam punk with heavy threat from massive machine eating creatures! The Silex definitely deserve a return escapade on the strength of this. Big Finish have done it again. The Last Year Era of Tom's tenure remains alive and well with this amazing company....

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