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A superb Sontaran Story

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Monday 22 May 2017
Rating:   10

This is a very good story indeed. Mark and Cavan have woven a tale with some very good and forceful moral food for thought. And everyone's favourite potato heads are back and mean as ever. But here is yet another Big Finish story that explores new angles with the inhabitants of Sontar. The sound design and directing in this story are first class and really give this war story the bite and gravitas it truly deserves.

Tom Baker is again on sterling form as the Doctor, and gets to be his moral best when trying to save the day yet again from a mad computer. In fact this story actually does make you feel more than just loathing for the war clones for once. As even they are faced with a situation that no sontaran would call an honour to face. Its really really strong writing and Dan Starkey does his magic again as the Sontaran leader. He is such a great sontaran, and able to make these sontarans the classic warrior clones and not just the lovable stupid wally Strax from the new series!

Lalla Ward again is effortlessly brilliant as Romana too. And John Leeson again doesn't get given the worst of the story as he isn't damaged like season eighteen TV stories did with him far too often. Its great to hear the season eighteen team back and appearing in such great new stories.

Nick Briggs is to be commended as ever too for his amazing direction, he always knows how to get the best from all the actors involved. And its great yet again to hear Jane Slavin again in a story. I am so looking forward to when she becomes the Fourth Doctor's companion in 2019!

The Eternal Battle is in turns scary, bleak and overall extremely satisfying as a war story with a very good moral undertone that doesn't come over as too over the top but will make you stop and think at the total uselessness of war and its effects on people. Cavan and Mark deserve top points for this very very strong Doctor Who adventure. Thanks for writing this guys, its a winner!

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