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Another Jago and Litefoot hit!!!!!!!!!!!

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Monday 22 May 2017
Rating:   10

Justin Richards may not be the worlds greatest writer in the universe, but what he does is always solid and reliably enjoyable, and The Beast of Kravenos is no exception at all.

I was waiting for the day we'd get stories set in Tom's final season from Big Finish and here at last is the beginning of a whole series of stories set in that era of season eighteen brilliant series! To hear the Peter Howell arrangement with Tom again is magic for a die hard Whovian like me.

Tom is excellent yet again in this story, and he gets to be at turns delightfully playful and a tiny bit devious so much as to annoy Romana a little bit, who is as ever, perfectly played by Lalla Ward who never seems to age in the slightest. And its great to have K9 in a story without him being disabled for once.

But the real selling point for the Beast of Kravenos is yet again the wonderful return of those gentlemen Victoriana Jago and Litefoot. Trevor Baxter and Chris Benjamin are always and ever scene stealers as the brilliant characters created by the late great Robert Holmes. They dominate the scenes they are in and make every single story sparkle. Its hard to believe that both men are still so keen about characters created over fourty years ago now. But its wonderful and magical and The Beast of Kravenos is all the stronger for it.

This is a wonderful beginning to the sixth run of Tom Baker fourth Doctor adventures, and it only gets better and better from here on in too. This is a real love letter to the late eighties and a thorough pleasure from beginning to end. There is liberal and charming humour and some great scares too. Ed Stoppard too impresses as the misguided villain of the piece.

There is nothing not to love about the Beast of Kravenos. Its pure classic eighties Who at its best!

Jago & Litefoot meet Jekyll and Hyde

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Tuesday 25 January 2022
Rating:   7

It's back to 19th-century London, and The Doctor, Romana, and K-9 are on the case with the help of Jago and Litefoot. Our intrepid Victorian investigators are as entertaining as always. The story itself suits the setting - a mysterious thief is making off with things from locked rooms, and a beast is out there ferociously killing people. Are they connected? And what have they to do with Jago's Theatre? In general, this one is light and entertaining, following the formula of 19th-century popular fiction and injecting just a bit of Doctor Who business.

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