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Doesn't Fulfill Its Premise

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Wednesday 22 May 2019
Rating:   6

The second Diary of River Song series finds River meeting Doctors 7 & 6. It's save Earth time once again. The series starts with The Unknown by Guy Adams. This is one of those reality is all ajumble stories in which "anything" can happen, so nothing really matters. River is for some unknown reason on a ship fitted out with protection against time anomalies headed toward a mystery planet. This ship, the planet, and the TARDIS (again, what is it doing there?) all "crash," causing reality to wibble and wobble. River gets where she is going and now has a mystery to solve. That takes us to Five Twenty-Nine, the best of this series. In the near future on an isolated island off the English coast, "something" is going to happen that will destroy the Earth. River meets an older couple and their synthetic daughter and faces the doom with them hoping that this will somehow giver her a clue as to what happened to Earth in the future. It's a nice, intimate drama made sad by the fact that the listener knows what the end will be. River's one clue takes her to the far future and a mysterious corporation that creates dreams for the rich and dying in World Enough and Time. Here, River meets Doctor 6. The story seems to be here mostly to make Doctor 6 look like a bombastic idiot. The last story takes River to the great storm of 1703, when she meets writer Daniel Defoe and both Doctors 7&6. It seems that the Doctors and River are each individually working on the same problem. We get the big reveal of the villain and more River is smarter than the Doctor stuff. The point seems to be that The Doctor is a complete bumbling fool and can't survive without River to save him from his mistakes. You can probably tell by now that I find this line of thinking uncompelling.

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