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The Pit(s)

By:Stephen Carlin, Bangor, Northern Ireland
Date:Monday 29 March 2004
Rating:   1

There's an art to storytelling. No one wants to sit around a campfire while the narrator hesitates, diverges, ponders, goes for a walk, comes back, scratches his head and tells a story in an increasingly patchy manner.

That's how I felt about The Pit: it seems like a series of sentences strung together with no thought given to telling a story. I can't even begin to describe how awful this book is other than to say that of the 1000+ books I've read in my lifetime this remains at the very bottom. I cannot help but feel that either this book was written at a rate of one sentence a day and never read over to make sure it actually gelled, or the author was a poorly written writing program, or heaven forbid, a five year old with a good knowledge of words (if not their meaning and use).

On the rare occasion when I was able to actually find a coherent paragraph I caught a glimpse of someone trying to emulate Tim Powers.

Basically - AVOID!

Amazing this was even published

By:Stephen Rider, Mount Prospect, Illinois, United States
Date:Tuesday 18 August 2015
Rating:   1

The writing on this one was so poor I'm amazed it was actually published by a professional publishing house. Where was the editor? Was there blackmail involved?

I used to make a point of finishing any book I started, but this book was so poorly put together I couldn't force myself to continue – though I somehow made it about two-thirds of the way. Scarcely a plot to speak of, no characterization, random unrelated events that appear to have been jammed in there by a drive-by fanboy (such as the Doctor landing in Victorian London just long enough to encounter Jack the Ripper – for about a page or two – before flying off again.) I'm truly shocked this ever saw press; somebody somewhere along the line should have recognized how unreadably bad it was and put a stop to it.

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