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Nostalgic, But Too Simple

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Wednesday 24 May 2017
Rating:   6

Simon Guerrier has written a story in the tradition of the Doctor 1 series in a way, but with bigger effects. Slotted between episodes 7 & 8 of The Daleks' Masterplan, this story finds Doctor 1, Steven, and Sara arriving on a curious asteroid a few decades before Sara's time, but close enough for cultural reference. They soon find themselves attached to a military squad on a suicide mission to take out a cannon operated by The Sontarans. The Doctor knows nothing about Sontarans, but Steven knows about them in a general way and Sara knows about the success of this particular mission. The story itself is made up mostly of battle sequences, running away, getting captured, getting tortured, and inspiring the local populace to rise up against the Sontaran occupation. Peter Purves does a pretty good Doctor 1 imitation. The story is just fairly basic and not terribly inspiring.

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