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What Could Have Been

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Saturday 5 November 2016
Rating:   7

As stories go, "The Two Masters" fits well into that category of stories which we can call "Legends of the Time Lords." Two incarnations of The Master go against each other because both are being manipulated by a cult of followers of a now dead or imprisoned Time Lord from the "The" squad of Time Lords, namely The Heretic. Fortunately, we don't get to meet The Heretic, who would have taken focus away from The Master as The Rani had. This machination with two incarnations of The Master is creating holes in time. Now one Master has recruited The Doctor, under duress, to help him defeat the other Master. Can it be done? Our two Masters are both excellent. Alex MacQueen really brings a relish to the role that bridges the gap somewhat between the cold Master of old and the current versions of wild-eyed Masters. Geoffrey Beevers is simply outstanding and really steals the show. The reason this does not get a high mark from me is the writing, mainly concerning the plot. It relies a bit too much on repeating Doctor Who legacy. We get a renegade Time Lord genius who sets up a death cult, just as Morbius had. We get The Master, both versions, shrinking everyone left and right. We get The Master involved in a plot that threatens to erase the universe, just like Logopolis. It would have been better if the writer had struck out for some new territory.

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