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Macqueen Makes a Great Master

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Monday 15 May 2017
Rating:   7

Vampire of the Mind gives Doctor 6 a different type of story to work in. Basically, this is a typical Doctor 3 kind of story, earthbound with The Doctor chasing down The Master, who is up to no good, but we just are not quite sure what it is. Particularly interesting is that this Doctor has not yet met the Master. There are references to Doctor 3 adventures strewn about, including several denied calls for UNIT to come in. One thing bringing the story down somewhat is its pace. Not much happens in the first two parts, and the second two parts consist of several capture and escape scenes. There is quite a bit of witty banter, especially between The Doctor and The Master. Alex Macqueen gets his performance spot on, confident, persuasive, alternately charming and menacing. This one is a good, but not great story.

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