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Looking For The Connection?

By:bruce klopfstein, superior,wi usa
Date:Tuesday 26 April 2005
Rating:   7

While being a good read, it is definatly the the best. Strong charactors but with each page I was waiting for the tie in to the first book. O.k the cat was in both books but there is not a plot conection. I liked the postwar type scene played out in NYC. I wish it had be explored and developed more. Too much dancing around in bad guys (or girls) heads just to have them die insignificatly. Not enough time building the story. Instead, just kept being dropped into the middle of things after the character, mostly ACE, had been there awhile.

Not bad, not great

By:Kenny Rutgers, Woodridge, IL, USA
Date:Wednesday 17 May 2006
Rating:   6

I would have like this book a lot more if it were not for chapter 4. I mean how many times can you use the name Bobby Prescot in one chapter? It annoyed the heck out of me!

An OK read

By:Mark List, Midland, United States
Date:Saturday 6 March 2010
Rating:   6

This book was only OK. It was a great idea for a story, but I was bored with the jumping it did.

It didn't follow a coherent track. It could have been better if it had followed a clear path.

Sometimes mystery and not stating what is going on works in a story. In this one it didn't.

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