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By:Daniel, London
Date:Wednesday 1 February 2006
Rating:   4

After the first two books, this is something of a disappointment - whereas we have had two historicals, this is more in the pure science-fiction vein. If you are following the Timewyrm series, though, it is of course required reading.

Why such a low vote

By:Geoff Burnett, kent
Date:Saturday 12 May 2007
Rating:   8

This is a great story. Great job Nigel.This is well worth a read and I cant help but wonder if people have read the same book. The only thing I dislike was that the book relies on the big bang theory and it is to definate for my liking. The reference to Logopolis is a tad weak. It certainly makes you look forward to the final instalment of the Timewyrm series.

Timewyrm: Apocalypse

By:Mark List, Midland, United States
Date:Sunday 26 July 2009
Rating:   6

This story wasn't bad, but the continual references to the 2nd Doctors incarnation were pointless. I imagine that Nigel Robinson was trying to be "mysterious" and suspenseful, but it fell flat. I found the references pointless and boring.

The plot itsself was enjoyable, but with the distractions of the 2nd Doctor references, I just couldn't get into the story as much as I would have liked.

Without those references I would have rated this book much higher.

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