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By:James, Bristol, England
Date:Monday 6 May 2002
Rating:   9

Superb NN, blending history and sci-fi very well. Characters well portrayed and consitent with series, nice action sequences, a few good (and appropriate) jokes, nice, pacey plot. I especially like the Nazi party social, where Goebells (sp?) tried to chat Ace up! Pity you can't buy this anymore.


By:michael, Hobart, Tasmania
Date:Tuesday 18 May 2004
Rating:   8

I thought that the obsession with historical PLAYERS such as Hitler in DR WHO throughout its manifestation is interesting, such as in timeworm:exodus and in other books like Players.
The question remains, do the books actually build something by using the historical obsession, or is it just recycling ideas?
The other question is: how come Ace has full use of her hands if she is continually playing with explosives?


By:Daniel, London
Date:Wednesday 1 February 2006
Rating:   9

This is the best book in the whole range! Doctor Who meets "Fatherland"! We first get a taste of what would have happened if we lost the war, then we are taken back in time where The Doctor must actually save Hitler! Also a surprise appearance by an old enemy from the Troughton days.


By:Whites, southend, england
Date:Monday 8 May 2006
Rating:   9

I love this book. read it. you will love it too.

Exodus. Brief

By:Geoff Burnett, kent
Date:Tuesday 8 May 2007
Rating:   9

A great follow up from a great writer. The Doctor becomes chums with Adolf to put things as they should be. Im convinced now Goring was a good egg & the Warlords are back with real malice. Fantastic.

Timewyrm: Exodus

By:Mark List, Midland, United States
Date:Wednesday 8 July 2009
Rating:   8

This is a great follow up to the first book in the series.

This story was well written and easy to follow, even though it takes place in several different time periods.

Even though the Timewyrm wasn't a major player in this book it was an engaging story with well developed characters.


By:Mondas, Edinburgh Scotland
Date:Tuesday 6 April 2010
Rating:   9

I really enjoyed this story. it gave a great insight to what could have happened if Great Britain had lost WW2. Terrance Dicks does a great job with this story i couldnt put it down.

an enjoyable, fun & slightly dark novel

By:Eye of Horus, Under A Rock, United Kingdom
Date:Friday 23 December 2016
Rating:   7

After stumbling through the abomination that was Timewyrm: Genesis, I was ready to give up on the new adventures. However, Christmas was round the corner and a family member who knew I had read the first book decided to get me the second. I was quite board in the evening that day so I decided to read some doctor who literature. I didn't want to seem rood so decided to pick up the book and read the prologue and First Chapter or so before The Xmas special started. I was Enthralled by page one and was incredibly frustrated when the Special started and I had to put down the book. I read most of the book over the next few weeks and had ordered the next book in the series. But then things got in the way and I couldn't read it and it just sat on my desk, forgotten about. Until last summer, when I found it again while packing for my holiday. I quickly finished off the last 50 pages and packed the next book.

The Book has 2 main parts to it and also a couple of extra mini parts. the first is in Nazi Germany and is a really fun adventure story which had me grinning the entire way through. The second was in Nazi Germany, on the brink of WWII. This was, of course, the Darker section of the Novel and the story did address the human atrocities done by the Nazis (though it does accidentally make them irrelevant by putting the entire blame on the villain), the section does start to go downhill once the villain is revealed though. The book also has very solid charecters of important Nazis, one of which (I can't believe I'm saying this) was a realy likable person. There are also 2 mini parts. The first of these is the Nazis failed coup on Berlin in which Hitler gets his should dislocated. For someone who's studied this area of history and knows this, it is very interesting to see but is still enjoyable if you can't play spot the thing that actually happened. The second mini section is a year after the events of the second main half of the book and only has The Doctor, Ace the Timewyrm and Hitler in it (and has a maximum of three characters in it at once). You do get very invested in this scene and it takes a much more ominous, dark and looming feel than the rest of the book.

Better Than Its Predecessor

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Wednesday 27 April 2022
Rating:   7

Timewyrm: Genesys got the new novel series off to a rocky start. Timewyrm: Exodus, by expert hand Terrance Dicks, steadies the ship nicely. It is not that this is a spectacular novel. As with all of Dicks' novels, the word that comes to mind is competent. That's enough. Dicks does not dazzle the reader with his prose. He does, however, manage to pack the most information in the least number of words, a trick that keeps the plot moving swiftly, and the pages turning. Doctor 7 and Ace are trying to track the Timewyrm using her connection to the TARDIS. They arrive in 1951 England, but an England in an alternate time line in which the Nazis won World War II. Ace thinks this has something to do with the Timewyrm, but The Doctor is not so sure. After a few scrapes, and some research, the TARDIS team take off to trace the political history of Adolf Hitler. The novel is interesting in several ways. First, though it does contain some violence and Dicks does not flinch in acknowledging the pain of violence, this novel is nothing like the many gore fests that will follow in Doctor Who original novels. The violence is not gratuitous and he does not let the ending get away from him in a free-for-all of violent mayhem. Indeed, as Doctor Who adventures go, this one is leisurely. The Doctor very cleverly insinuates himself and Ace into Nazi upper echelons, which allows the plot some breathing space. There are the occasional capture and dungeon scenes, but these do not last long and are not too many. Dicks also is very careful to get the history mostly right, to explore little-known aspects of history, and to deviate from history only when necessary. Had he wanted to, Dicks could have been a very good novelist of historical fiction. The plot still, in the end, comes down to The Doctor versus the Bad Guy. Also, the Timewyrm is pretty much out of action for most the novel, which advances the story arc of the series very little. All in all, this novel is a pleasant way to pass an afternoon.

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