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Peter's been the best served...

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 17 November 2015
Rating:   9

Peter Capaldi is simply brilliant as the thirteenth Doctor. He's done a brilliant job of capturing so many finest elements of the previous doctors, but then adding his own touch to the role. I love his more serious, slightly darker take on the character. I would not want to get into a slanging match with this Doctor, no way. And together with the ever charming and lovely Jenna Coleman they make a winner of a TARDIS team!

I was not sure at first when greeted with the Doctor's new hobby of guitar playing....but its no more ridiculous than the recorder was for Pat Troughton or the Jelly Babies were for Tom Baker, so I soon settled down into accepting this after an initial bafflement in the first episode. But beside that, the rest of the first two parter is excellent. I loved all the returning classic series daleks, and I do believe Julian Bleach gave a better, more in depth and brilliant take on Davros here than in his debut story. The sparks that fly off him and Peter are brilliant. Im also loving Michelle Gomez now. Shes such a lovable yet still deeply psychotic feminine Master. Missy is wickedly fun and is perhaps the light relief amidst the grittier dalek side of the story.

Under The Lake and Before The Flood returns to the tried and trusted Base under siege theme again. But this story is as creepy as Doctor Who ever gets. And the story is fast and the Fisher King is a tower of an ugly freak! And the rest of the characters are in the vein of your feeling for them when they die. Some terrific performances. And that scene of the dam breaking: whoh!!!!

The Girl Who Died is another brilliant pseudo historical, even if its depiction of the Vikings may be suspect. But I can forget that as the story is brilliant, and its great to see a foe being defeated by no more than out and out trickery! A brilliant build up I thought of what was to come in the last episode of the first part of the season. Jenna Coleman here again is also so brilliant.

The same cant be said for what I feel is the only boring as heck episode in this series so far, The Woman Who Lived just drags, with no real excitement flaring, even the word farts cant even induce humour into this very dull and disappointing episode. And the monster isn't utilised as well or as much as it could have been. And I cant say that I'm overtly enamoured with Maisie Williams as Ashildr yet either. She was ok in The Girl Who Waited, but here her whole character verges on being tepid and annoying. Glad to see though that so far of the first nine episodes there's been only one dullard. Like I said, Peter's been by far the best served of all the new series Doctors so far.

The fisher king, Colony Sarff, The Mire and the ghosts are fantastically gruesome designs too, making this season seem far more scary than Peter's first excellent season!

And then we come to Series 9 part two..but that's another review....

Decent Episodes

By:Jared Harr, St. Marys, United States
Date:Tuesday 16 May 2017
Rating:   7

This contains very decent episodes. Witches familiar, Under the Lake, Before the Flood. Really good ones. There are some let down episodes "The woman who lived" but that does not bring down the DVD. I personally don't see any good episodes (besides Heaven Sent) in the 2nd part of series 9 which is why I prefer this DVD. Hope that helps!

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