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Legacy of Timey Wimey Business

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Sunday 3 March 2019
Rating:   10

Johnny Morris is a better writer than Steven Moffat. Because all of his timey wimey story efforts are always still understandable. Whereas Steven's are mostly unfathomable and lamentable. And also Johnny has the Fourth Doctor totally worked out and gets his character spot on every time.

The Paradox Planet also begins a great great tale for K9. This is great to see the metal mutt get his hour in the lime light. The added brilliance of Simon Rouse and Tom Chadbon also just adds to the great feel of this excellent story. Its a very interesting concept of a planet at war with itself in different time zones!

What I also hugely enjoyed was the pertinent dwelling on the conservation of endangered species, a stance which I agree with and take very seriously indeed. This could easily have been made an Earth story for our species here so many of them are rare and almost extinct and we need to wake up.

In many ways this story resembles Festival of Death, Johnny's first ever Doctor Who book which is still one of his finest ever! In that time is used so interestingly and the characters are all totally real feeling. The standard of actors Big Finish get cannot be denied. This story feels more like the end of season style story! It is yet again another success for Johnny Morris.

The second half of the story builds up to a riveting and great conclusion. K9 has never been used so well before either. John Leeson must have had a ball with this story! Johnny always seems to love to use the theme of time in his stories, and its so incredible he always finds new ways of using time within so many of his stories. He is one of the most reliable Big Finish writers. This story is suitably sublime in every respect.

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