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Light Entertainment

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Tuesday 14 February 2017
Rating:   7

Another entry in the 4 short stories sequence for Big Finish, You Are The Doctor goes for entertainment over substance. The linking element of the stories is that The Doctor is now letting Ace pilot the TARDIS and she keeps getting it wrong. The first story, You Are The Doctor, has our heroes running around in what appears to be a computer game version of "choose your adventure." The villains are comic relief pig aliens. Next is Come Die With Me, a traditional one-house murder mystery. Third is The Grand Betelgeuse Hotel, about a heist gone wrong. It has an interesting flashback narrative technique. Last is Dead to the World, in which our heroes end up on board a seemingly doomed spaceship with only three people left alive. As is usual with these collections of shorts, the action moves apace and things happen quickly. All are played in a half-silly half-serious manner except for the first, which is just silly.

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