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New Companion

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Friday 28 October 2016
Rating:   7

Doctor 6 gets a new companion, a married language expert from Bletchley Park near the end of WWII. Her husband is under cover somewhere in Europe. What is going on here? Something secret and dangerous enough to make her want to join the Doctor and disappear until the end of the war. So, she's a little bit Turlough and a little bit Evelyn. The story to introduce her follows Doctor Who formula well. The Doctor is trapped on Earth, pretending to be someone he isn't so that he can secure the means to re-energize his TARDIS. This involves tracking down some alien signalling devices that lead us to a new alien species. This one exists entirely as electromagnetic signals. They are apparently fighting a war in the aether. Ah, but are they really as weak and desperate as they seem? The story has plenty of cloak and dagger, double agents, double crosses, hidden motives, all the things one would expect. It does not really break new ground, but it does serve its purpose of introducing us to Constance.

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