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A great sontaran story

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 14 January 2016
Rating:   10

A brute of a sontaran ( kind of in the form of Styre from the sontaran experiment ) leads this great story. Bonnie Langford again doesn't scream, and she gets on so well with Slyv McCoy as the ever brilliant seventh persona of the Doctor. And this story is genuinely scary in places. Its always hard to deliver scares in just the audio format I feel, but Big Finish have done it expertly so many times before and here they do so again. Thank goodness these sontarans are the classic series black clad militaristic brutes too and not those bluey purple laughable ones of the new series. Altogther this is yet another brilliant story from big finish, written by none other than a sontaran himself! Thank goodness there's no sign of that dummy Strax here though. No, this is just a real action packed frightener.

Frightened Sontarans

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Wednesday 24 August 2016
Rating:   7

We might call this Fear of the Sontarans given the way the supposed terror runs. The story itself seems to be made specifically to recall 1987 with a half serious - half sendup story, and a music soundtrack that hearkens to Keff McCulloch in many places. The basics are these. The Doctor and Mel arrive on a planetary research station in answer to a distress beacon. There, they find the station mostly empty except for four prisoners who were not part of the base's crew and their only surviving jailer, a Sontaran driven mad by something. Then, a force of Sontarans arrive to secure the base, but it turns out that whatever is haunting this base is far more terrifying than any bunch of blustery Sontarans. The script has some very dodgy ideas about absorbing life forms to create a new life form. Hmmm..., where have we heard that one before? Maybe in ten or so at least Big Finish productions. The Doctor/Mel combination works well in this story, as if the pair had been travelling together for some time. Overall, it is a story with some hits and some misses.

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