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Very Theatrical

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Tuesday 25 January 2022
Rating:   7

Justin Richards adapted his own novel for audio drama. He took some liberties with the plot, though in the essentials this is the same story. It is still complex compared with the standard Big Finish production, with more characters and settings, and more moving parts to the plot. The story itself involves Doctor 7, Ace, and Bennie at a mysterious archaeological dig that turns out to be a hologramatic theatre, except that the holograms are real enough to affect people and the theatre turns out to be more than just a theatre. There is, of course, a corrupt space empire involved. Plus, we get to meet the devious Braxiatel. This is a big story, grand scale space opera stuff. That means that there are a few plot holes so that the story can keep the scope, just a few bits of plot by convenience at the end.

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