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You dont get better than this...

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 21 September 2010
Rating:   10

Patrick Troughton as the Doctor was always magic. To have Patrick Troughton as the villain of the piece to was a spot of brilliance! This i feel is by far the best of the doppleganger Doctor Whos, although the Massacre isnt very far behind at all.

Patrick is very impressive as the mexican psycho Salamander. And yes, this story definitely has tones of James Bond about it, as Salamander would have made a brilliant James Bond villain. And he is pretty much better than any of that line of villains. Aside from The War Games and The Two Doctors, I would quote this story as being Pat's finest acting in Doctor Who.

The whole underground sequence with the people kept in ignoance of what Salamander is really doing is particularly effective. And the last minute plot twist of Giles Kent being another psycho isnt totally unbelievable either. The acting allround here is excellent, and Salamander ranks amoungst the ost memorable of Doctor Who baddies.

What also shines through this story too is the comedy. The scenes of Victoria in the kitchen still have me in stitches, especially the writing of the menus scene. Griffin might just be a bit of comic relief, but boy is he brilliant!

And once more, the plot isnt too complicated. The new series often fales because the plots of the stories are unfathomable. But here we just get a good central premise and the story rips along at a breathtaking pace and never lets up. The ending is particularly good, with the members of the TARDIS holding on for dear life as the TARDIS hurtles into the vortex with the doors open.....all in all, another dose of top quality Doctor Who.

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