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4 simple facts...

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 14 January 2016
Rating:   10

1: Colin Baker, together with my favourite companion ever, namely Frazer Hines as Jamie, are brilliant together yet again in this second Locum Doctor story. Add Wendy Padbury to the mix and you're bound to be onto a total winner.

2: Big Finish actually get writers who know how to write great stories for the Cybermen, the best of all Doctor Who monsters. Unlike the new TV series which has totally moronicized the silver giants, here with BFP they are still as menacing as they used to be back in the black and white sixties!

3: Alan Barnes seems to be a very dependable writer. And Last of the Cybermen has to be one of his finest stories.

4: Big Finish do the best Doctor Who around today, and here is a story that clearly shows this off to great effect.

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