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Very Graham Williams

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Wednesday 18 April 2018
Rating:   7

The audio adaptation of Gareth Roberts' novel "The Well-Mannered War" is made with no detail overlooked for getting that 1978 sensation. Apparently, this is Roberts' favorite period of Doctor Who, and his story certainly fits with the lightly satirical approach common of the period. The music soundtrack is also an exercise in nostalgia, sounding so much like Dudley Simpson that a listener might believe it was indeed extracted from 1978. One's response to this story is probably going to rest largely upon how one views the Graham Williams era. I am not as enamored of it as Gareth Roberts is, and so this story contains much that I found a little irritating in stories of the period. It goes a little too far at times in the joking at the expense of the story, it has an almost entirely humorous side plot involving K-9 running for public office, and it has a character in Menlove Stokes whose entire presence is mostly to be stupid and annoying. Granted, Roberts does well in getting these elements to tie to the main plot. The cast work well together and the story moves at a lively pace.

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