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Decent Adaptation

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Saturday 2 November 2019
Rating:   7

The original novel from which this adventure is adapted was written by the hugely popular Russel T. Davies, so it is likely to get high ratings just for that. As it is, the story is rather standard Doctor 7 material with the addition of a gay couple. We see The Doctor and companions actively seeking to right wrongs rather than accidentally coming upon a problem. The Doctor stumbles into a plan he has already made and spends his time trying to work out what he's already done. There's the obligatory bit where he knows what's going on, sends his friends into danger while not telling them what's going on, and then puts up weak justifications for this when confronted. It's the Doctor 7 formula that I never really liked much. The story itself is well acted, and the writers have managed to unobtrusively introduce exposition through having the characters describe what is happening to each other via communicator.

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