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Capaldi More Than Earns the Mantle!

By:Earle DL Foster, Invercargill, New Zealand
Date:Tuesday 9 September 2014
Rating:   10

I never saw the extra components in the cinema version, but I nonetheless enjoyed the televised debut of the first genuine Twelfth Doctor adventure. The context is slightly reminiscent of the Fifth Doctor's transformation into the Sixth (Clara, as Peri, struggling to accept this new, more brusque, and dangerously unpredictable "imposter" who occasionally demonstrates a ruthless side to his personality), but much better handled on a storytelling front. The reappearance of the Clockwork Droids (spoiler alert!) was intriguing, along with the debut of a new "temptress" to plague the Time Lord. And I even cried when the unfortunate female T-Rex was tragically vaporised!

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