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Gets More Interesting as It Goes

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Thursday 18 January 2018
Rating:   7

Equilibrium has the TARDIS crew chasing after a component necessary to get them out of e-Space. They crash onto an icy world that is totally self-contained. The population is kept absolutely constant to balance the "energies," so that for every birth there must be a death. The first part of the story runs through a number of Doctor Who clichés, including Nyssa's dropping of a tracker while running away from some monsters, a "there's nothing down there" corridor, and so on. It gets more interesting as it goes, in part because although evil of a kind is going on, the people performing the evil do not recognize that it is evil or even wrong. Thus, a situation a bit like that in State of Decay gets a new life. On the whole, the novelties outweigh the clichés.

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