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Confusing, silly but sometimes funny

By:Clive T Wright, St Lawrence, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 1 January 2015
Rating:   5

Peri's exit and how they would get back together is one of the stories we've all been waiting for. This mad capped confusing and silly plot, with far too many twists (in one moment the random voice of sil pops up) is just a big wasted opportunity. With just a few moments of humour and only part 4 pulling the story back this is the worst Big Finish production for a long time.

Return to Peri

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Monday 19 June 2017
Rating:   7

The Doctor finally gets the urge to check up on Peri now that he has lost Flip. Peri, though, is not quite so thrilled at seeing the Doctor again, and immediately has him locked up. Thus begins a convoluted and comical story of royalty and assassination, bluff and double bluff, and mind control. This is typical Nev Fountain (Omega, The Kingmaker), poking holes in narrative conventions for humorous effect and playing around with one's sense of who is who. The aliens get those annoying sounds from The Daleks' Masterplan. If you like silly voices, you will love The Widow's Assassin. It is quite amusing and works well for the first three parts. The story reaches a logical conclusion by Part Three, but has one more part to go. This one gives us one plot twist too many and extends the story mostly because it needed extending. If it had remained three parts, the score from me would have been higher.

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