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Quality Benny!

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Sunday 18 December 2016
Rating:   10

When I was younger and first read a few of the New Adventures virgin books when they introduced the character of Bernice Summerfield I have to admit I was as far from enamoured as its ever possible to get. I didn't like the character at all. But with the arrival of Lisa Bowerman as Benny on audio my view has come to be the total opposite now. I love Lisa and I love Benny! Benny is so damn cool! She's so vivid and bright as a character and Lisa does a spot on job on bringing the bright sparkly archaeologist to brilliant life. She has totally won me over with her brilliance. She has charm, she's funny, she's intensely diverting and always a joy to listen to! And then when you pair her with the wonderful Sylv McCoy and Mrs Aldred then your on for a sure winner.
And what a winner the first set in this brilliant New adventures of Benny for Big Finish is! But that's not surprising when you have writers like Nev Fountain and Una McCormack on board! Nev's story in particular is such a comedic jewel and it makes me mess myself how the comedy just doesn't relent from the get go in story one. What I also love about this first set though is also how markedly different in tone they are. Nev's story is all out bags of fun comedy and wit, Una's is a touching emotive yarn about Benny and her Mum, which I think is a splendid little piece of acting work. Guy Adams Random Ghosts is unsettling and brilliantly plotted and a little creepy, and James Goss' finale is back to the brilliant all out powerful ending block to this first set. And then just add a good dash of the pepper pots from Skaro then you know you have all the ingredients for a wonderful box set. Now I love Benny. She's such a cool character! And I love you Lisa! You keep on going girl. This series has started perfectly, I bet it will only get better and better and better. I love the four stories in this set, they all explore different aspects of Benny's character and flesh out her character ever more from her early days in the Novels. But she is far better in audio than on the page. She literally jumps to the ears and is always the most fun character in every story I've heard her in yet. One just cant get enough of good old Benny Surprise Summerfield. And its great to have her back with the good old Doc and Ace too. They are a formidable team!

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