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An interesting story with relevant theme

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Sunday 29 July 2018
Rating:   10

The Fate of Krelos is actually to me rather a decent breath of fresh air compared to many of the other Big Finish Tom Baker stories in that this story is allowed to unfold at a slightly easier pace. Its great at the start to see the team of the Doctor and Leela totally at ease and getting on so very well with each other in the TARDIS. It these scenes that really stick in your mind as some great character building occurs.

Also the other few characters in this story you genuinely start to care for very early on. Michael Cochrane is again superb in his role here as Geralk. The character is really just a great and pleasant character which makes a great change to some of his more gruff Big Finish appearances in the past. It is easy to start to really feel for him as the story unwinds. Yet again the sound design and production too are first rate. The first episode in particular you could have maybe started to believe that maybe the Doc and Leela will get a rest for once. But the steady build up of K9's erratic behaviour is superb, and you know something big is coming on the horizon.

By episode two the pace is greatly increased, as the situation turns quickly but slickly into a great little cliffhanger with the obvious return of a great enemy of the Doctor's!

There is also a great scene in part two where the Doctor reasonably states his reasons why he cant always do everything a companion would wish and save absolutely everyone. It is a great scene of a clash between the moral codes of the Doctor and Leela. A morally grey decision that just makes you feel the Doctor's obvious pain and unease at the situation. I love these scenes when the Doctor actually calls into scrutiny his actions I like this always with his character, in that he knows he isn't perfect like most other super heroes. Its that bite and realism that sets him apart from most other fictional heroes. The Fate of Krelos is a superb opening to this two part story that brilliant continues in Return To Telos.

And the themes of the actual effects and a society's total reliance on advanced technology is superbly explored and does make one think a lot. The death of the city of Krelos is very effectively portrayed, and gutting too. It packs quite a punch. Yet another great great Fourth Doctor adventure!

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