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Great Cast, Fair Story

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Monday 9 May 2016
Rating:   7

Big Finish are sticking to their pattern in the 4th Doctor stories of making them feel like the TV series of 1977. This story fits that well. Actually, it is very much in the Gothic style of the Hinchcliffe years. An all-girl college at Oxford, run by the cloistered order of St. Matilda, is haunted by three sisters, ghosts of nuns who take girls under mysterious circumstances. Of course, the only ones who could stop this madness are The Doctor and Leela, with help this time by Dame Shaw, mother of Liz Shaw. It's a spooky story played with gusto by all the cast. The Doctor 4 - Leela combination is working exceptionally well, better than on TV. The story itself is kind of a ho-hum "Image of Fendahl" thing. The small cast makes it all quite predictable. Altogether, this drama is entertaining, but light.

The Strange Case of the Doc and the Nuns

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Sunday 3 March 2019
Rating:   10

Johnny Morris is always one of my favourite Big Finish writers. The fact that he is reliably enjoyable in his story telling. And the little or bigger ways he includes the themes of time within his stories is always bound to make them very interesting in the least. And the Cloisters of Terror is no exception.

The team of the Doctor and Leela is also working amazingly for Big Finish. Tom and Louise make a brilliant and wonderful team. They are so strong and just drive the story on no matter what the story may be. Add to this the creepy atmosphere of a lady's college haunted by the ghost of Nuns and you have the perfect Ghostly story for late night listenings.

The addition of Liz Shaw's mother too is great, and its wonderful how Rowena Cooper brings the character to life. I really hope that we hear more from her character in the future. And its also brilliantly hearing Claudia Grant be a character in her pre Susan days from An Adventure in Space and Time. Its great hearing the Doctor cope with being the only man in the story for once, a nice spin on The Deadly Assassin!

And the Doctor gets to give a nice small, yet relevant epitaph for the woman who gives her life so the rest of the ensemble can escape the impending doom brought about this time by an ancient spaceship...this story is eerie, creepy, and the nearly all female cast is lovely to hear. I think I am correct in saying this is the only Fourth Doctor story ever where the Doc's the only male on the block!!

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