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What a find

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 5 March 2014
Rating:   10

I've always been sad that I'd never seen a full yeti story for years. I've loved that roar (even if it is was just a slowed down loo) and the shaggy looking beasts. In black and white they look really menacing, and huge. Just the pictures made me think cor I would just love to see that. And now, at long long last, I can see it. I was amazed that two nearly whole Doctor Who stories had been returned to the BBC! And I couldn't have asked for two better examples to be found to highlight the pure magic of the Pat Troughton era. An era of dank tunnels, brilliant monsters, creepy scores and brilliant acting as well with some titanic characters brought to life by the best in the business.

The Web of Fear is perhaps the typical base under siege story, but its done in such ruddy brilliant style. Douglas Camfield's perfect direction drives the story from the word go. All the acting is first class. From Jack Woolgar's brilliantly subtle performance as Staff Arnold, to Jack Watling's wonderful portrayal of Professor Travers. But I have to say the person who wins it for me the most (for the one off parts) is Tina Packer as Anne Travers. I dont know what it is but I just loved her firstly somewhat aloof sceintist act, which then melted into a woman who is genuinely fearful and human and as scared as anyone else. Her scenes are all pure magic. Patrick Troughton too doesn't need any mention. His performance was always exemplary and perfect!

I also like that for once this story's climax is not just a simple aliens defeated or destroyed easy ending. That the Doctor gets so infuriated with everyone with him for messing up the plans was for me one of his best moments as the Doctor. This Doctor was frequently bluster and bumbling, but here is all the raw anger of any of his later's or earlier.

The Yeti are a brilliant presence too, in the confines of the fantastic looking sets, and the score is absolutely great. It really does feel so claustrophobic and tight. And another good thing is that the Yeti are in it from the first episode. Some stories are a tiny bit laboured with their total on screen amount of monster. But The Web of Fear is never dreary and there's constant panic and fear all the way through the story.

The fight sequence in part four is definitely worthy of note as its so packed with brilliant shots and angles and real gritty pace. Nick Courtney too has to be mentioned for his faultless debut as the Colonel, later Brigadier. His performance is already assured and doesnt come over as a first time in the part whatsoever. The bumbling idiot Chorley too is just a touch of light relief, along with Private Evans. But the comedy never overshadows the menace. The Web of Fear, at least to me, deserves its reputation as one of the best Doctor Who stories ever.

Wonderful Story

By:Les Adam, Kyle, United States
Date:Thursday 1 May 2014
Rating:   10

Was glad that this missing story finally came to see its debute on DVD. The only thing that would have made it better was to have episode 3 animated like they have been doing with other recovered stories of Doctr Who.

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