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Better than I hoped

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 27 November 2013
Rating:   10

On the day when the news came about that new episodes of classic Doctor Who had been rediscovered, me and my Dad hoped for one thing each. I hoped that one of the stories would be The Enemy of The World and my Dad hoped the other would be the Web Of Fear. Now how cool and weird is that?! And now that Ive got the Enemy of the World, what an even better story it is than I even thought from when I just merely owned the sound track. This is fantastic Doctor Who to say the least:

1: I literally wet myself at the scene in the beginning where Pat strips to his long johns and goes for a paddle like a little kid in the surf! This scene is so comiclly priceless and amusing.

2: The action sequences in the first episode are truly great and bolder than most of any of the episodes that followed previously, being shot from brilliant angles and being fast and taught at the same time. Barry Letts first foray into the realm of DOCTOR WHO has to be ranked a brilliant success just for the great pacing and action alone.

3: Its brilliant to see Jamie and Victoria being more involved in a story and not just doing the whats that Doctor stuff, in fact Frazer as Jamie shows some of his best scenes when facing off against the nasty little man Benik. Its good to see them both going under cover to expose the evil of Salamander.

4: The acting is of very high standard indeed. Of particular note is Mary Peach as Astrid. I love her really strong character, just look how many brilliant action scenes she gets to take part in. Rather rubbishes the notion that there weren't any decent female roles in the first few years of the show. She's a scene stealer and great to watch. Also, Milton Johns is again fantastically psychotic as the slimy Benik.

5: But the best is Pat Troughton himself. He is excellent in both Doctor and Salamander mode. There is absolutely nothing of the Doctor in Salamander and his presence is potent and powerful. Clearly displays his great acting prowess.

6: Also, the story as a whole is excellent and well paced, there is no padding, even the stock footage isn't as obvious as in some other stories of the time, melding with the main story fantastically. Also, this story looks very impressive indeed. There's a real feel of not being quite as cheap as some of the other stories around it. Its all visually very impressive and exciting.

7: The single episode in which the character of Griffin appears is pure magic, a great character adding just a tad of light relief to the harder, tougher parts of the story.

8: The final TARDIS scene where a bemused Salamander is taken aboard the ship is one of the best of the whole series. This scene is excellently done and ends the story on a real high note, and the scene of Salamander in the vortex is superbly achieved for the time. Pat is absolutely astounding as both the Doctor and Salamader here, topping off what surely has been one of his best stories. And for once, you cant even see the face of the stand in in the brief tussle scene, so that makes the climax even more effective.

9: The creeping score from parts four to six too I've always thought was creepy in the extreme, and adds to the tension that builds up to the explosive end of this brilliant tale. But then again Doctor Who has seldom had a bad or forgettable score with a story. I just think this one is extremely effective.

Its true that this is a brilliant homage to the James Bond thriller style adventure. And this story certainly has a manic, mad enough villain to be worthy of that film series. And there is nothing bad I can think of at all to do with this story at all. It comes very highly recommended indeed. Its great to have seen this tale complete for the first time in my life.....I hope this isnt the last we hear of episodes being discovered....a real treat....!!!!

World class

By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Friday 29 November 2013
Rating:   9

If there's any story that's benefited from having previously missing episodes returned then it's this 2nd Doctor 6 parter.
Previously to this story being returned the majority of fans didn't think much to this story Pat Throughton's double role apart. But by oh my how seeing these returned episodes changes everything.
No matter how good any reconstruction is, nothing but nothing can replace actually seeing the story.
From the opening joy of seeing the Doctor running into the sea in his underwear, to the excting helicopter chases, from the wonderful supporting cast (espically the very creepy Milton Johns) to to the excellent cave & lift scenery this is a very visual story & the biggest visual treat is Pat Throughton as the Doctor & Salamander. This really shows what a fantastic character actor he was.
Victoria & Jamie hardly figure in this story and it really is the Pat Throughton show.
This is an absolutely joy & treat for all Dr Who fans. Bring on The Web Of Fear.

A true classic

By:Matt Saunders, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 5 December 2013
Rating:   10

My heart sank when I heard that it was this story which had been found. Although the story was one of my earliest ever Target reads, I had thought that the story would probably be too long winded and dull for a six part story. Plus, I had heard (or read) people like Barry Letts discussing how they would have liked to do things better. So, when I put the DVD into the machine, it was with trepidation.

However, I was so very wrong. Immediately it feels good to watch a lost story on DVD and I was hooked very quickly. I really enjoyed this classic story and Patrick Troughton was excellent as Salamander and the Doctor. The differences between the two characters (and thus Troughton's ability) were enough for me to forget it was the same actor. The story also includes lots of Bond action that Letts repeated in the Third Doctor era.

I can't recommend this enough, please go and buy this DVD and see how truly great Mr Patrick Troughton was. 10/10

By:Ian Cotterill, Chipping Norton, United Kingdom
Date:Monday 6 January 2014
Rating:   8

Appropriately released in the 50th Anniversary Year, 'Enemy of the World' is a really enjoyable story to watch, though oddly it was not one I was previously interested in. This was due to the fact that for over 4 decades, all we had was the soundtrack and a number of telesnaps, which meant we lost a lot of the drama and excitement that could be seen in the actual footage. For me, this made the story seem less interesting and enjoyable than it truly was.

But having at long last seen the recovered episodes, my opinion of this story has greatly risen. It is far more action packed than I previously believed, the guest cast are really good, and Patrick Troughton steals the show, portraying both the Doctor and the evil Salamander in what i think is the best Doppelgänger story in Doctor Who's history.

Engaging and breathtaking, 'The Enemy of the World' is an example of how lost Doctor Who episodes work better with the filmed footage, rather than the soundtrack alone. Recovered after 45 years, this was an appropriate birthday present for Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary.

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