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As good as it gets!!

By:Marty Dallas, Franklin, United States
Date:Friday 12 December 2014
Rating:   9

Big Finish has fine tuned the art of creating wonderful Doctor Who audio dramas. For years now the 5th,6th,7th and 8th Doctors have been travelling through time and space giving us brand new adventures. A Very successful range for Big Finish but there was always something missing. What could be missing one may ask. The answer to that question is; the first 4 Doctors are not represented. So what you want but Hartnell,Troughton,Pertwee and Baker are what I consider to be the "Classic Quartet". Then BF hit the jackpot when Tommy Boy finally decided to stop being so damn difficult and once again helm the controls of the tardis. The stories,acting and overall feeling that Doctor Who is officially back in full force. Now the question is how to represent the 3 deceased doctors. The "Companion Chronicles"!!!!!! What a wonderful idea! The door was opened for not only the 3 doctors but all the companions too.

The Early Adventures to me is a great mix of full cast adventures and companion chronicles rolled into one. Half narration and half flashbacks helps to immerse you into the stories setting and plot. Domain of the Voord hits a bullseye with this story capturing the first doctor's demeanour perfectly . I highly recommend this new range. Fans of "classic" will not be disappointed.

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