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Phil's hit his stride

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Monday 17 February 2014
Rating:   10

Philip Martin created one of the most memorable monsters from Doctor Who in the 80s, and this story here proves what steam the slug still has in him. Nabil Shaban is fantastic as the slimy mentor, and its always a delight to hear him beside Colin Baker. To me their scenes are rather like the Jon Pertwee and Roger Delgado scenes off the early seventies, they just seem to fit together like pieces in a puzzle.

And its a truly excellent bonus with one of Big Finish Productions best new companions for the Doctor, here immortalised by the wonderful Lisa Greenwood. Flip has a great sense of humour and I got a few real laughs out of the material in Phil's script. And there is as always his brilliant drawings of sadistic maniacs or obsessives, and Cordelia is a wonderful new misguided enemy, with some really toxic venom. Also, there are a few really creepy chilling moments too laced through this one, particularly the episode three cliffhanger, which only gave me a few goosebumps....

And the characters are likeable and you feel for them, which you always do with a script from Phil. There is even more of an emotional overtone to this story that was also present in Mindwarp. But I feel of the three, this may even be the strongest outing for Sil and the good Doctor. This is a brilliant start to 2014 for the BFP audio adventures. And did I mention that I think Lisa is just phenomenal as Flip? Great stuff! Keep it and Sil coming.....

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