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Big and Butch

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Monday 15 September 2014
Rating:   10

The third series of Fourth Doctor stories starts with a true bang. Tom is still as marvellous in his most famous role, and he's ably assisted by Louise as the ever brilliant Leela. Its great to hear David Collings again in a Doctor Who story, and even greater still to hear him being just as good as his previous three outtings in the classic Who series. Add to that a story about the meanest Sontaran ever cloned and the fact that this is a John Dorney tale, then you're sure to be onto a winner. An excellent, breathless, fast paced start to a great season....this story doesn't let up....Dan Starkey gives his best Sontaran performance to date, and its good to have a real bruiser of a Sontaran again, after the laughable (although in a good way, for once!) Strax of the new TV series.....

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