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Over the moon.

By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 27 February 2014
Rating:   8

It's great to have this classic Throughton story out on DVD and completed with episodes 1 & 4 beautifully animated by the same people who did The Reign of Terror.
And the animation is beautiful really capturing the feel of classic black & white 60's TV.
The story itself is ok. It's feels more a serious of scenes that link the Cybermen's frankly ludicrous plan to capture the Moonbase & wreck the earths weather.
Throughton, as ever, is excellent and is ably supported by an excellent cast.
The extras on the DVD are thin but very good. An excellent making of documentary, some of the cast commentating on the surviving episodes & some fascinating interviews on the animated episodes.
An essential DVD.

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