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Concentration required, do not deviate!

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 27 November 2013
Rating:   10

This is one of those brilliant stories where you do have to be paying attention on your may miss some points along the way. But this is in no way stating that Daleks Amoung Us is a bad tale, because its anything but.

For a start, the new character created for the trilogy, Will, is a real pleb. But hes a lovable pleb. Hes frequently dense and pleasing at the same time. Its good to have a bumbler back aboard the TARDIS again.

And as for the back story for Klein, brilliantly portrayed as ever by the lovely Tracey Childs, is really gripping and so much is packed into this tale. The Daleks too are well used within the story. And its always a delight to hear Terry Molloy back again as Davros. A great character, and great to hear him with the seventh Doctor one more, some great moments abound between these two characters.

The writing is taught and never pauses for breath. And there are some very interesting characters as well, particularly Klein's mother. In fact, as in Genesis of the Daleks, they take a back seat to the Kelin story, but this time its not to the story's detriment. There is some very emotionally charged scenes along the way. And the end of this tale is excellently done, with the Doctor's speech of adventure really getting me ready for (I hope) the return of the Doctor, Will and Elizabeth Klein in the very near future I hope.

And I love the twist on the Fourth Doctor's revealing all of the Dalek's defeats in Genesis of the Daleks too!!!

Alan, you've done it again. What a corking Dalek tale.

Many Threads to Tie

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Friday 26 September 2014
Rating:   7

At the end of the trilogy, much is happening and much is hanging. Here is poor Klein trying to figure out just who she is and discovering she is more of a time anomaly than she could possibly have thought. We get some Daleks again. We get Davros brought in just to add a complication. Of course, Davros thinks he can control the Daleks, and he can't. There is plenty of "Nazis and Daleks are very similar." It is a pacey story, with plenty of surprises.

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