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An Important Story

By:Wesley Davenport, Kingsport, Tennessee, United States
Date:Wednesday 28 May 2014
Rating:   7

The Tenth Planet is one of the most important serials in the entirety of Doctor Who. Not only does it introduce the Cybermen, but it also kills off the First Doctor and introduced the idea of regeneration. It's something that every Whovian should have in their collection for the importance alone.

That being said, the story itself is a decently good one but not a great one. The design of the Cybermen is a little on the silly side but I honestly really enjoy this look. They are a bit more creepy when they appear more human than robotic. Ben and Polly also get a good amount to do in this story, specifically Ben. However The Doctor doesn't go down in a blaze of glory like many of his other regenerations... he just sort of wears out and dies. He doesn't do a lot in this story and the conclusion to the Cybermen invasion pretty much sums up to "sit tight and do nothing."

The last episode is animated for the DVD release and as per usual it's decent animation but not great. The pacing is a little slow at times but let's be fair here... It's Hartnell era so everything is slow. As I said it's a good episode but it's more of an important episode than a "great" episode.

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