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Carry on Screaming

By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Monday 30 September 2013
Rating:   7

And so the Doctor Who that could have been, the Doctor who briefly was, makes it on to DVD.
While glad that this wasn't the future of Doctor Who there are things to admire in this oddity.
A great story by Paul Cornell, a great cast Richard E Grant, David Jacobi, Sophie Okenodo & even David Tennant in a very tiny, blink & you'll miss it, role. Some beautiful artwork including a lovely TARDIS console & some great monsters.
Yes it's not the best Dr Who ever & thank goodness RTD brought it back to our screens, but it's a fun romp.
The DVD extras are excellent including an exploration of the BBC online. The commentary is not really a commentary because apart from the episodes that feature Paul Cornell it's obvious that Toby Hadoke & guest aren't watching the story but it's still full of interesting nuggets including the fact that Robbie Williams was considered for the role of the Doctor.
All in all for fans only but a fun release.

Underated yet Brilliant

By:Harry Ross Gorman, Bromborough, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 20 May 2015
Rating:   10

Not many people talk about this one but its amazing. The only bad thing about the series coming back was the fact that Richard E. Grants doctor never got his time to shine. The 50th anniversary was the perfect opportunity to bring back this doctor and make him cannon. A must watch for any doctor who fan.

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