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The Umbrella Man

By:Clive T Wright, St Lawrence, United Kingdom
Date:Monday 23 December 2013
Rating:   8

Klein is brought back and we are introduced a William Arrowsmith a nerdy Unit associate who makes a welcome addition. The interaction between Arrowsmith and Klein helps develop her character further. But Arrowsmith does steal the show at times, including moments like exploring the Tardis.

As the story takes us to the dying moments of Nazi Germany its begins to get more sinister. Overall a great story, but this one is a character lead adventure.

OK Starter Story

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Monday 31 October 2016
Rating:   6

For this trilogy (trilogies being the pattern now for New Adventures) Doctor 7 returns to get Elizabeth Klein, the good version working for UNIT in the 1990s. This is the plotter/schemer Doctor 7 unwilling to tell anyone much of anything about what is going on and basically using people to accomplish the greater good while stating that he doesn't believe in the greater good argument. We get a new character to go along with Klein, one Will Arrowsmith, who is more likeable than Jeremy FitzOliver, but in nearly every other way the same character - inept, socially awkward, childlike in all the wrong ways. The story of "Persuasion" is mainly for setting up the rest of the trilogy. Therefore, its main job is to plant the elements that will be explored in the next two stories. These are as follows: a pair of superbeings from another universe escape into our universe, find it wanting, and persuade a Nazi clerk to build a Persuasion device that they will use to set our universe to their liking; Klein is known and feared in 1945 Germany, so there is a suggesting of connecting this Klein to the Klein of "Colditz"; every baddy in the universe is after the Persuasion device (a bit like the Pandorica there?); the Doctor is nearing the end of his current body and wants to set everything in the universe right because he doesn't trust his successor. With all these elements to set up, the plot of "Persuasion" is rather loose and does not really get the listener very far. The Shakespearean-talking villains get rather tiresome in their long speeches, with much talk but not much action. So, the total is that "Persuasion" is disappointing because it falls just a little short in every area that it shouldn't.

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