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Great but complex

By:Clive T Wright, St Lawrence, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 2 July 2013
Rating:   8

Nissa's subplot comes rushing to a twisting turning, mind bending conclusion. Starting with a traditional plot, with the tardis crew landing on an alien planet with strange forces at work the plot slowly builds revealing glimpses of the cause, with a sudden twist.

The final episode requires a lot of concentration, at times confusing, but still overall an enjoyable story.

More Time Twisting from Jonathan Morris

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Sunday 12 February 2017
Rating:   7

Prisoners of Fate is going to impress those who like tidbits thrown to the fans. It has these in abundance. The brief for this was to tie up the loose ends that have been hanging about Nyssa's story as Big Finish has developed it. This means much emotionality and hand-wringing. It means that Turlough's part in the story is much smaller, though to be fair he got his spotlight in Eldrad Must Die and Kiss of Death. The story itself revolves around a time paradox set in motion by Nyssa crossing her own history, but a part of it she knew nothing about. Now, having learned that she left behind her children for 25 years, she cannot go back to her old life as she thought. But, there is a villain just waiting to capitalize on the energies of the paradox from her doing just that. Much of this story has similarities to Morris's earlier time twister, Flip-Flop, in that we have a depressing society run by corrupt leadership, setting the stage for much "it did happen/it didn't happen" plotting. The corrupt leader, Sibor, is too much of a cartoon baddy to be of much interest. The story does present some challenge for the listener regarding the various directions of the possibilities. It also does tie up most of those loose ends.

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