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Hasn't been this amount of plain fun....

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 26 December 2013
Rating:   10

for a very long time in Doctor Who.

Its a massive joy to hear John Levene back as dear old Sergeant Benton. Its even better to have him back in such a brilliant, and highly comical tale from two Who newcomers. One hears absolutely no first time nerves at all from the man, he just seems to dive right back into that brilliant role he had way back in the 70s. He's even allowed to have some serious (or not so serious, depending on how you look at it) character development. This is not the obvious type of story to feature Benton, but John really seems to be enjoying himself. The story is fast paced, with frequent good humour but doused with the familiar 70s Jon Pertwee flavour Doctor Who for very good measure.

Sinead Keenan is also a wonderful choice for the dual narrators role, and I'm seriously hoping that there may well be more to hear from these two in the very near future, if not in the companion Chronicles (lamentably the series is soon to end) then hopefully is some story or other please! I don't want these two characters and actors getting just the one sparing story. After that slightly heart melting final scene of Benton asking Margery to dance well...well, its just set the floor for some wonderfully good relationship...please BFP, don't let this be the end!

John gets to be heroic, suave and James Bond-esque, which is brilliant. There's even a neat twist on the all too famous James Bond introduction....And there's even maybe a good little moral case laced through this tale too, and the mantises sound great!

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