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Yet again, that great Troughton flavour

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 26 December 2013
Rating:   10

Frazer Hines is just so good as the late Patrick Troughton, he really puts his all into a masterful performance as the Doctor. Its great for any fan of the Pat Troughton era of the show. And its always fun and enjoyable to hear the bubbly Wendy along for the ride too. And what tops it all off is if the story is a good as this little gem from Eddie Robson. Those sound scores the BF team create are simply fantastic every time. There is true feelings of the late 60s, with the great monster to add to the mix of great monsters that abounded during Pat's reign as the Doctor. Throw in a little moral pointing too (listen and youll find it an interesting debate) and you get yet another well rounded companion chronicle. And the fact that this story has even more dialogue than the usual companion chronicle means this is an especially meaty treat....

Very Troughton

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Saturday 3 September 2016
Rating:   6

"The Apocalypse Mirror" is an all-out attempt to recreate 1968 Dr. Who. It has the usual elements. The Doctor and crew stumble into a dangerous situation about which they know virtually nothing. They manage to insinuate themselves into the society and in a way "take over" the situation. There are several tangential plot complications. Things are stitched up, more or less, at the end, and the TARDIS crew slip away quietly. Frazer Hines carries most of the weight on this one. Wendy Padbury reads Zoe's dialogue only. Hines has really gotten into recreating Doctor 2, with all the pauses, throat clearing, and other verbal gimmicks. At times it really is uncanny how accurate the recreation is. What does not work for me in this story is that it is needlessly complicated. It has a time fracture trick with overlapping realities, robotic carrion birds, and a hurtling asteroid just to create a feeling that everything is working to a countdown. The asteroid does not work well because except for raising the tension, it has no function in the plot, and feels very much like an afterthought. So, for all the good things the script takes from 1968 Who, it takes some of the bad as well.

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