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Fails to building the original

By:Clive T Wright, St Lawrence, United Kingdom
Date:Friday 21 June 2013
Rating:   8

Eldrad must die in many ways is a good solid story, but overall fails to build on or take forward the original plot from the 4th Doctor story.

That aside it is still an enjoyable audio in which the doctors companions are put to good work and in typical style one of them is let hanging about a bit.

If you like verbal bluster...

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Monday 28 July 2014
Rating:   6

Stephen Thorne still has a magnificent voice. Too bad he's not in much of this story. The story is typical Mark Platt in being needlessly complicated. The TARDIS crew are taking a sea-side swim, but the sea is contaminated with a quartz-like infection. Turlough meets an old school chum who turns out to be another untrustworthy type from Trion. Another Castrian has arrived on Earth, with the job of destroying all remaining fragments of Eldrad. One fragment has turned up in the form of an eye. The crystal infection takes over people's minds, turning them into Castrian warriors, and the executioner and Eldrad are fighting each other through proxies controlled by the crystals. In general, this is very like Doctor Who of the 1980s. Of course, the scale of the catastrophe is bigger, given the freedom of solely audio drama. The TARDIS team are their typical selves - Nyssa is stalwart, Tegan is impulsive, and Turlough is untrustworthy. The story provides much opportunity for pompous monologues and shouty dialogue. It is alright in the general way, just not all that great. Sort of like Hand of Fear in that way.

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